Why I Join the Day Without Immigrants by Barbara

I support “The Day without immigrants: 24h without us” and on March 1, 2011 it will be without me!

Because for me, Lepen and Sarkozy are champions of this great denial of reality: to do everything to invalidate the presence and existence of French Muslims, Blacks, Arabs of facies …


It is up to us, too, in addition to the debate on immigration, the closing of borders, the contribution of immigration, to ask, say, repeat, affirm what they refuse to accept and on what they do everything to come back: Nadir, Souâd, Karim, Idriss are as French as Carla or Nicolas, Eric or Brice, have the same rights and the same duties.

We must refuse the amalgamation, the mixing of debates. Make people understand that a young graduate of North African origin forced to emigrate to Great Britain to work, for lack of good looks in France, costs the country sweet, and that accepting young graduates trained abroad in France is better than a good deal for the country …

They didn’t swallow the pill, but we have to admit it. The other is the contribution of immigration. It is on the confusion that the discourse of the scoundrels is focused, on the mixture and the amalgamation.

Barbara, sympathizer of the Collective

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