Commission in relation with the regional committees:
Its objective is to make the link between the committees in the region, to bring information back to the national level and to bring down the decisions taken by the collective to the national level.

Scientific Commission:
Its objective is to rally the world of scientific research to our movement, organize events linked to research and fuel reflection on the contribution of immigration to our society.

Commission in charge of events:
Its objective is to create, select artists, manage festive events associated with our action.

Sponsorship Commission:
Its objective is to find media “sponsors” to relay our action to the general public.

Commission in charge of relations with political parties:
The delicate mission of this commission is to ensure contact with politicians of all stripes while maintaining our organization’s independence and neutrality.

Commission responsible for relations with trade unions and associations:
Its objective is to raise awareness of our movement, associative structures, trade unions, etc; to build common working bases to allow us to graft ourselves to their events and to associate them with our own. This commission is essential because it must think of how to reach the people of civil society as closely as possible but also it must take its pilgrim’s baton to go to factories, homes, neighborhoods … hence the importance of being numerous in this commission.

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