24h Without Us: The Unrecognizable Homeland Dir. JM Vecchiet

On the pediment of the Pantheon is inscribed “To the great men, the grateful fatherland”.
The Pantheon, a secular temple, witness to the Revolution, was the theater, on February 7, 2010, of our disappearance.

Because we have the feeling that Youssoupha’s sentence “To immigrants, the non-grateful homeland” echoes the symbol of the Pantheon, on March 1, we will not consume, we will not work, we will meet between 12 noon and 2 p.m. arms crossed, in front of the town halls of France.

Acknowledgments and Credits

  • Music “The same address”: Youssoupha
  • Director: Jean Michel Vecchiet
  • Manager: Jean Michel Vecchiet, Christine Combe
  • Assembly and dressing: Noam Roubah
  • Representation: collective and supporters of “The day without immigrants – 24 hours without us”
On March 1st, it will be without Jean Michel Vecchiet. And you ? What will you do on March 1, 2010?