Day Without Immigrants – French Version

With our interest in anything migration related, picking up this abandoned french domain is a no-brainer. translates to “a day without immigrants.” This was a popular theme in the aughts and teens, springing from the 2004 satirical movie, “A Day without a Mexican.” That movie showed in a comic way how hard life would be if no Mexicans were available to work in California. While this is a tongue-in-cheek premise, it seems to found a foothold to express the essential nature of immigrants generally to the populations in which they live. Popular culture sure co-opted it for a recurrent theme to increasingly use the concept for more beneficial treatment of immigrants, usually without documentation, both politically and culturally.

And that brings us back to, a classic example of a website documenting the use of the motif in France in the early teens. As such, it is of great interest to us, and worthy of being dug out from under the Japanese spam for some hair removal clinic that was the last use of this domain. So we will restore what has gone before, a snippet of how some saw the problems facing immigrants in France in 2010+ We will also add some new migrant/migration related content. Lastly, you can have this all in French again if you like, but we are going to provide it in English for the US audience first, anyone sense some circularity/karma here, and add French as a translation.

While you ponder it all, if you would like to get in touch, please do. Until then when the content is back, au revoir.

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