March 1st in Lyon! The Immigrant Always Gives His Blood for France

Historically, the blood of immigrants has flowed in the veins of France ,  whether it is building the country or dying for it. However, many are those – president, ministers or simple individuals – who denies this reality, even forgets it as quickly as possible after one or two generations lived in France …


 The 24h without us collective in Lyon!

urges you to participate in the Day without Immigrants on March 1, 2011!Is there a better place than Lyon – Former Capital of Gaul, former Headquarters of the Gestapo  and place of regular resurgence of small racist groups – to shout out loud and clear some essential truths?

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m .: Meeting at the Town Hall, Place des Terreaux

  • Symbolic deployment of a large yellow ribbon , the
    unitary symbol of the Day in Europe,
  • Meeting and discussion with members of the Lyonnais collective,
  • Yellow ribbons and t-shirts will be available on site!

Until 3:00 p.m .: BLOOD DONATION

  • The French Blood Establishment of Gerland awaits immigrants, descendants of immigrants and volunteer citizens,
  • Donating blood anonymously and free of charge is a strong sign that each individual can think about the next time they enter a hospital …
The Lyonnais collective will then join Saint Etienne for a joint end of the day with the Stéphanois collective.


“The immigrant” is despoiled and stigmatized,
the surrounding discourse is unbearable for you,
and it is time to “indignant” us.


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